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.Kieran. 17/ Queer/ Misanthropist/Atheist/anarcho-communist/pterodactyl I draw and write. I love horror, space, bondage, Riot grrrl, Nick Cave, David Lynch, Dario Argento, gore, taxidermy, and cute cats.

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at work last week i was ringing up this guys order and when he signed i was trying to read his signature and i was like “is your last name Duck?” and he got really nervous and he was like “oh nobodys ever uhh noticed before…. i signed it as donald duck i always sign as donald duck im sorry”

Anonymous said: If you get fucked in the ass but not the pussy for your first time to see how it feels, are you still a vergien



I’m laying in bed listening to nick cave with my cat instead of having fun with rad people.

It’s the only night a week I don’t have to wake up early the next morning for work and I’m not even doing anything

Fuck being under 21


accidentally stepping on your pet’s foot


  • me: *on my phone*
  • grandma: do you ever put that thing down?
  • me: *puts phone down*
  • me: why did you ruin the economy?